Empress Hotel Sepang Selangor Malaysia 1/2 by Tripoto
Rajat Chakraborty
‘How to help a Chinese Couple fill out an Immigration Form’?They sat next to me on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali. The guy went on watching Kung-Fu movies while his wife spent time watching the clouds outside. Everything seemed like a normal flight until they met with their nightmare – the immigration form in English! I was already done filling up mine and closed my eyes to take a nap, when I could hear their chatter getting louder.After trying to keep my eyes closed for several minutes that I glanced to my side; the awe on their faces was priceless! Then I saw why they were arguing! When the couple realized that I was up,he lady pointed out towards the form and asked me if I could help them out with it.Minutes later, I realized I got myself into something I shouldn’t have. How to explain a Chinese Couple to fill out an Immigration Form in English? There was Mandarin all around them – their bags, mobile phones (even the keypad was in Mandarin), and of course, the Kung-Fu movie.I gave my immigration form to the lady and asked her to fill out the details similar to my form, only to realize that she filled up my home address on her form. She had literally photocopied my information. I tried to explain to her that she needs to fill up her home address and not mine. Soon, we engaged in the dumb charades trying to explain and understand each other. Another ‘awe’ on her face! The Kung-Fu movie continued…At the space where the Airline No. had to be filled, she filled up her house no. there. This time, the husband decided to pause the Kung-Fu movie for sometime. Phew!! I said to myself. For the next few minutes, I was trying to imitate and explain Flight No. to them. I waved out my arms on my seat like a bird and started flying – only to attract attention of the other passengers. In the front, I noticed the flight attendants smiling at me, as I stretched and waved my hands like a bird. Finally, the girl gave me a broad smile, which meant she understood what I said – what a relief!
Prathik Khanna
Hotel was booked out for the weekend so plan your trip in advance. A comfortable place to stay for the night. The breakfast buffet was very good.