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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Sunrise in Kuala Lumpur airport
2. Look for the Promotional Upgrade Offer before the last days of FlightAirlines always try to sell the unsold premier class tickets for a cheaper rate. Many airlines like Malaysia Airlines have a bidding offer which you can bid through a minimum amount. ( From 100 USD to 700 USD).We moved up to business class only for USD 75 on Malaysia Airlines ( KL to Ho Chi Minh Sector)In another case we booked a Business Class on Emirates from Bombay to Duabi for Rs. 17000There may be difference on the lounge offering though from airline to airline. Malaysia Airlines allows lounge access on the such upgrades where as Emirates doesn’t allow lounge access on such upgrades.3. Stay Loyal to Single Airline and Use Mileage Programs properly.Staying loyal to single airlines or Airlines Added in One World or Star Alliance and you can use your miles to the Partner Airlines. Staying Loyal to a minimal airlines will not only earn you more points but also the Airline will start recognizing and may offer freebies at times.4. Use A Good Credit CardIn the event that at all you are utilizing Credit Cards for your booking, dependably pick a Card that encourages you gain more miles. There are various cards alongside Partner airlines like American Express Jet Airways Credit Cards , CITI Premier Miles , HDFC Diners Black Card and one of the premium and best card American Express Platinum Card. ( It has an expense of Rs. 60,000 every month and required an ITR of aounrd 15 Lacs) . I use Amex Platinum Card and Axisbank Vistara Card. Axis Vistara has earned me 7 Free Premium Economy Tickets.5. Look for a Hotel Partner ProgramMany hotels do have tie ups with certain programs in which you can book the Hotel Group like SPG Preferred Guest , TAJ Innercircle , Radisson Rewards etc. These programs give you an opportunity for Free Upgrades and Free Breakfast also6. Choose your Season CarefullyMany hotels tend to reduce their price significantly during off season. We have booked Anantara Si Kao just for Rs. 6000 per night in the Monsoon Season. Of course there’s a risk of rain but these hotels are worth taking risk.Hotels on Weekends are always costly. Try to book for Monday/Tuesday . These will be cheapest days to book. You can always contact us for the cheapest rates of the Best Hotels.Vrundesh
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We found The Living Cafe and sat down for breakfast.An hour later, we sat on a much better flight (still Air Asia) and headed onto Denpasar, Bali. I kept sleeping and waking up.Then, I saw something.I marvelled at the expanse of endless waters, spotting the plane's minuscule shadow in the ocean.We were here.Bali: Immigration and VisaI'd read online that when heading to Bali, the visa is on arrival but costs about USD 35. Some websites had said USD 25. But when I reached to a crowded immigration line, I realized why tourism is their best industry. Lined up with Americans, Ozzies, and us Asians, there are NO visa charges.You get two stamps, a kind smile and an exit.A warm welcome by Smailing Tours, our official caretakers and tour guides hired by Lushescapes, we sat into our mini-vans. Since we were running late on schedule, our excursion to the Tanah Lot temple was canceled.Tired and dehydrated, I was bummed about being late but looking forward to chilling in my villa. As we sat in the bus, August, our personal guide started telling us more about Bali.Why is it so humid? Someone asked him.You've come at the end of monsoon and the beginning of summer. So it won't rain too much, but it's going to be a bit humid. Leaving Delhi at 41 degrees Celsius, I wasn't going to be getting any respite. The temperature might be 10 degrees lower but Bali weather was so sticky, it was literally draining me out. Dea Villas, Canggu, Bali: Hello to our humble abodeA 400-meter walk inside a small gulley, Dea Villas welcomes you like a small estate would in Sainik Farms. Hamptons for all of you Americans.
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The halt at Kuala Lumpur helped my contorted knees, and the little jaunt to switch terminals got us charged up at 6:30 am.One of us hurried to a Dunkin counter and whisked two donuts to go, and little pieces of those chocolate-dripping doughs became our early-morning runaway meal.---'No Vegetarian' exclaimed the air-hostess inside the second flight, blankly replying to my sleep-splashed query.Those two words became a regular feature of the entire trip.After landing at Suvarnabhumi, we got a cute little surprise - our luggage had never left Malaysia. Here we were, in a different country, with nothing but our cabin bags to live off.Hours of pleading and haggling later, the bubble-wrapped baggages found their way to our hotel.Our stay was booked at the Mac Boutique Suites, tucked in one corner of Sukhumvit Soi 7, characterised by narrow alleys, roadside cafes, and sometimes, the stifling smell of fish.
The flight's duration was 5 hrs 30 minutes. As the time difference between India and malaysia is 2 hrs 30 minutes, so i reached kuala lumpur around 7 (local time) in the morning. During this flight, i was lucky to saw the sunlight coming through the clouds, and that was just *wow*.My next flight was from kuala lumpur to Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport) at 5:50PM, so i had to wait at the kuala Lumpur airport for around 11 hours.Since i am a vegetarian, it was a lot of struggle for me to get some vegetarian food to eat at the airport.