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2 out of 4 attractions in Shah Alam


Ananya Ghosh
5) i-City - One of the nights, after we got some dinner, we headed out to see the "City of Digital Lights." This is a technology park located on the outskirts of KL. At night, the place comes alive with a forest of man-made trees brightly illuminated with millions of colorful LED lights. For children, especially, it is a fairytale wonderland. There are a few working rides and attractions as well. It's a place one can go to for the experience but not a place I'd want to go to again. Artificial arrangements don't please me all that much.
Anoop Jain
Finally, to complete the day, we visited the I-city! I-city consists of attractions like the wax museum, snow world, theme park, etc. It is actually a display of more than a thousand LED lights at one place. So, it is known for its lighting in the night. It's best to visit this place at night. First, we enjoyed the dry rides. TBH, I don't think even kids would enjoy those rides. Anyway, we moved on and went to the snow world. It had freezing temperatures. I swear 5 more minutes and I was dead in there. It has a lot of statues which were made of ice I suppose. We then went to the wax museum. This was something interesting. With famous personalities like Barack Obama, Jackie Chan, etc., it felt real standing in there! I would mark this a must visit place. Now, we were completely tired but we gathered our guts to have ais kacang, a famous dessert in Malaysia. It is commonly known as ABC!