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Rajat Chakraborty
Sweden has made a big effort in recent years to promote its cuisine - not only its restaurants and recipes, but also the health benefits of local, fresh produce. Indeed, they've even partnered with Michelin-starred chefs to create a menu they encourage both natives and visitors to recreate themselves for an authentic taste of the country's natural flavours.
Divas Bahuguna
Day 4 : MalmoAn overnight bus journey from Stockholm brings you to the third largest Swedish city, and pretty underrated one too, in Malmo. With distinctions of probably being the greenest among major cities in Sweden, a perfect summer beach weather during the peak months and a demographics that gives the hippie youngster vibe to the city, the city of Malmo is a perfect stop if you want to make a quick visit across the border to Copenhagen. (Yes, Malmo is quite cheap when compared to other major cities in and around Sweden!!) Also, its proximity to pretty fishing villages and university towns makes it a perfect stopover if you have time at your disposal.
Abhinav Singh
Day 14-15 MalmöIt takes approximately 3 hours to arrive at Malmö from Gothenburg via train, bus and car. The third largest city of Sweden, Malmö is a port city at the southern tip of the country.1) Malmöhus Castle: This 15th century castle is located in the old city. Keep some spare time for visiting the in house museum and exhibitions at the adjoining Kommendanthuset.2) Technology and Maritime Museum aka Tekniska och Sjöfartsmuseet is located close to the castle.3) Visit the castle garden or the Slottsträdgården. It has sections of gardens based upon various themes.
The Wandering Chubbies
The following day was shorter but interesting nevertheless - even though the Norse weather gods did not favor us. The big plan for going to Copenhagen was to cross the Øresund strait via the Øresund bridge* - made famous by its intriguing partial-bridge partial-tunnel architecture. I crossed it by the train from Copenhagen to Malmö. The fog was too thick to see through. Well, at least, i went across, to this Swedish Town, made famous by the famous Turning Torso. Walking around in this sleepy little town, i came across the Malmöhus Castle - a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, that presently serves as a museum. The sight from the beach was all white and all you could see was the sea gradually disappear under the thick mist... just like the town itself!
Ripan Dutta
Malmö, Sweden. They are college students who bunked that day to roam around the city.