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1 out of 5 attractions in Skogar
Devansh Dhar
Skogafoss - This is the big daddy of all waterfalls because its fucking humongous !!! If u look carefully, you can see the human beings in the picture being nearly 1% the size of the waterfall. There are steps for access to the top and if one takes them, they are surprised to find the river so calm at the top only to have a perfect vertical drop !
Pranay Maloo
Our last stop was Iceland’s one of the biggest and strongest waterfall, Skógafoss. There is a walking path close by to the top of the waterfall which rewards the visitor with an awe-inspiring view from the top of the mountain. While it seem a normal waterfall from far, its might and power is felt as you go near. The height of it made people standing at its foot look like dwarfs. There is a camp site near the waterfall. After, spending some time there, we were on our way to Reykjavik and dropped our Russian friends midway at their destination.
One of the many waterfalls that we saw on our way was Skogafoss
But the welcome stopover at Vik, where we got some hot traditional Icelandic soup and food was rejuvenating. We continued through the evening to reach the famous waterfalls - the Skogafoss and the Seljalandsfoss. Standing behind a waterfall was something I hadn't experienced before till I was at Seljalandsfoss. Continuing our drive, when we finally reached out stop for the night, it was already past 2:00 am. But who would have guessed... the sun was still up in the horizon!
Ishita Bhowmik
The camp at Vik, like Reykjavik is much crowded and less maintained however is located at a picturesque location. Not wasting much time, we headed off to visit another one of the biggest waterfalls of Iceland - Skogafoss.Did I mention? Waterfalls in Icelandic is referred to as Foss!Oh well now you guys know!Skogafoss for those who are lucky, puts up a show of twin rainbows but sadly we weren’t that lucky. Nonetheless the views it had to offer were just mind blowing, it indeed is one of the not to be missed spots of Iceland.Post our complete exploration of the foss, and a lot of photoshoot we headed off to see the DC plane crash recently made popular by none other than Mr. Shahrukh Khan who romanced Kajol standing right at the top of it in the song 'Gerua'.Well what should I say, it was tiring but totally worth!To reach the site you would need to walk 8km, since cars are not allowed to be taken to the crash site. Locating the same can also go very difficult, small hint it falls on the right hand side while returning from Skogafoss to Vik, keep your eyes and mind open.The view that treated the eyes post we completed the trek was worth the effort, a deserted flight wreck lying over black sand beach is a treat to the eyes. Obviously what followed was a series of photographs, and when we were finally done we soon realised that our stomach badly needed some attending to. We returned to Vik, where there was a restaurant named Strondin, that fed us that day with an array of amazing burgers.Post this we soon left for our next camping site, located at a distance of 140 kms from Vik. The roads to this new site, circled around Icelandic countryside and the views were marred by only a few cars, small houses, farms, volcanic rocks and sheep. The saying that sheep are the most dangerous animals of Iceland made sense to us while we drove through these roads. We took some detours from the usual route01 and experienced some dense fog, however the sheep rarely left our company.The long drive led us to Skaftafell, a camping site located in and as part of Vatnajokul National Park, where we camped that night. Surrounded by walls of snow covered mountains and little brooks made out of the water from mighty waterfalls the camping site was a surreal sight. Obviously, we didn’t just crawl to sleep, our midnight walk that night involved walking through the surrounding forest in quest of the source of the flowing water sound, which by the end we had to leave undiscovered.
Sayantan Saha
Day 3: 19th July 2016:Skogafoss-DC Crash site-Black Beach-Skaftafell (NS)
Disha Kapkoti
30 km ahead of Seljalandsfoss falls, the next sight that would strengthen your faith in this outworldly spot on Earth is Skógafoss.This 200ft high waterfall has also been a site for popular movies like Thor, The Dark World, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
Michele Herrmann
Equally if not more inspiring, Skógafoss is one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls. You can get quite close to the waterfall and the spray coming off is amazing to see and feel. Just remember, as you get towards the mist, to protect your camera lens! As you are able to walk along the base of the waterfalls, you can also get to different levels for more than one side view. On the east side of Skógafoss, there is a long staircase in which you make the climb to get all the way to the top, or stop at side paths along the way that lead to lookout points. I tried to go up the entire staircase to reach the pinnacle, but due to having limited time — and me needing a lot more of time to get up and back down in one piece — I decided to go along one of the side trails and then back down to the base instead.