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Gadsar Lake

Aastha Maheshwari
You can go soul searching to Gadsar Lake, which at 16,400 feet lies frozen throughout the year.Surrounded by snow capped mountains and shrouded in alpine flowers, from Gadsar Lake you can enjoy panoramic views of the frozen Satsar and Baltan Lakes.
Prem Sagar Gs
After spending almost 3hrs in the fort i headed back to the hostel took some rest,and decided to explore the city on my own and also wanted to visit the Gadsar lake which was 3kms from the hostel.So i decided to take a walk so that i can explore the city too.And that was the best decision,this walk just changed my entire perspective of this city.As many say Rajasthan is not just about the places it is about the people and culture.So i reached Gadsar lake after a 30mins walk clicking lots of photos of people and the places.
Soul and Fuel
Susan Halfhide
Day 4 was to be a longer trek, we were to make our way through the Gadsar pass , past the Gadsar lake and then camp ahead of a army post.We started with walking past the Vishansar Lake, and then moving on towards the Kishansar lake.It was when we were moving ahead of Kishansar that I realised the magnitude of the Gadsar pass. I was instantly dismayed, while, to my chagrin , Prashant was delighted!
bhushan virkar