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Sammy Mseleku
The next journey was Amahlongwa which was not too far from where we're staying. It was about a twenty-minute drive away. As a Jehovah Witness, my sister and I were assigned there to pioneer and tell people about the good news. The good news is based on the principles of the bible- Gods word. Questions like’, ‘Why did God allow suffering?’ ‘Why doesn’t God just destroy humankind? How can I be happy? Find these on Every sweaty afternoon was worth the risk because I too learned a lot from there.The sisters welcomed us with opening hands, the room that we were in never felt out of place. The long days out in the field ministry are what we exactly needed and most of carved no matter the nasty consequences. The bottles of water and less than a trip to the ocean would not satisfy us. I was so happy that we were staying with a family there who were just as spiritual. But they were encouraged by our novice love for God. It was realistic and of course, they learned about God and his love. I know I learned a lot from them, like the appreciation of small things.Yes, this is the word! Rich landscapes, mostly because the people are like seed-bearing plants happily strewn across midfield and barren dull lands. Only of course as a regular pioneer, I know what this means to be able to work closely with Jehovah and contributing to the wide work He so blessesOur first assignment was pioneering in the rural parts of Southern Africa, Amahlongwa, which is not too far away from home. It was just literally just more of a twenty to twenty-five minutes’ drive to the place. But let me begin all before that! A circuit overseer from our territory had been the one to send us pioneering far away. It was so awesome, I loved his suggestions. No, I am lying! I was so hesitant, I had so much in my mind, and literally, I had to take a little bit of a breather just to process what this meant.