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Adete Dahiya
A place called Abisko in northern Sweden has the most conducive conditions for seeing the northern lights. The village not only lies within the Aurora oval, but also has hardly any light pollution. The surrounding mountains keep the skies clear, increasing your chances of witnessing the lights up to 88% within a 3-day period. In addition to that Sweden is much more accessible than Nordic countries, easier to reach by air, has a number of other interesting attractions, and has a great infrastructure to support tourism related to the Aurora Borealis.6. Taste Sweden’s national dish
Abhinav Singh
Day 4-8 AbiskoYou can reach Abisko from Stockholm via an overnight train from latter.Nestles close to the various National Parks in the Lapland region, Abisko is often the preferred choice for discerning travelers.
Northern lights on budget also becomes a bit difficult because if you want to get the best chance of seeing a perfect aurora, then you have to make your trip longer. And a longer trip definitely leads to more cost. In this respect, Abisko in Sweden can actually be the best place to see the Northern lights on a budget. Thanks to its climate, the Abisko Northern lights are most reliable in the world with an 80% success rate of seeing the Northern lights if you stay there for three to four nights. It is better than many of the other Nordic countries from where the phenomena can be seen.