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A deadly route to Bandhavgarh National Park I Kept my luggage at a small hotel in Umariya, mustering myself for a scary ride.5 a.m. - It was cold and dark. Once, I entered the forest area, it started showing scary road signs - 'Drive slow, an animal might just walk in' and there was no vehicle or person on the road. Shiver ran down the spine. What if a tiger walks in the middle of night? Surviving through the goosebumps, I managed to reach half an hour before the safari starts, shared my safari ride with a couple. I'll rest for a while after the long sleepless madness before I catch my next train. After a super exhaustive day, every place you find shelter seems like heaven. Some Travel Tips Meet Guddu, an enthusiastic sight specialist The safaris at Bandhavgarh National Park are divided into slots and types. A bunch of gypsies go for the safaris in a slot, where everyone is waiting for the view of tiger, be it behind a bush or crossing their road. Though it is difficult to find animals in winters (as told by our incharge in the safari, Guddu), the eyes of all safari riders worked really hard to find something. Guddu used all his instinct to show us a tiger. He narrated the story of a brave incharge who saved his visitor when a tiger jumped onto their safari van. A photographer on the same safari managed to capture that perfect moment. Apart from a few nocturnal creatures, we couldn't find many animals during the safari. Souvenir and hunger stop at Malaya cafe A tiny cafe and shop that serves English and continental food. You can find lot of souvenirs of interesting musical instruments created by barks of trees, wooden goodies and a lot more. Do stay curious on the train, assure yourself that you're in the right train. Also, take care of your belongings - Be alert all the time. Use to find restaurants at great deals in the above areas. BTW, there is Zostel in Khajuraho opposite to Shiv Sagar Lake. You have to do a lot of research about the connectivity between places. Going forward, follow opinion of locals or Google's wise trains' recommendation. Carry enough cash with you, since these towns do not have many ATMs. Share the contact of the driver of your rented car with your friends or families in case you find it suspicious. This post was originally published on The Travellist.
#TripotoShoots Watch as our safari takes us into the breathtakingly beautiful Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve where we get cornered by 2 adult tigers on both sides of our trail.
#TripotoShoots Watch as we embark on a safari of a lifetime and capture some scintillating moments and spreading the message of saving our tigers
#TripotoShoots I hatched a plan to visit Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and witness the big cat in its own habitat. Watch as I fulfil my Mowgli dream and embark on an epic journey.
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Boasting one of the highest densities of tigers of all the national parks in India, a jeep-chase for a sight of the regal striped animal in the Bandhavgarh National Park is far more likely to result in an actual tiger.
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Live out your childhood fantasy in a treehouse at Bandhavgarh
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Set up in 1936 to protect the endangered Bengal tiger, the Jim Corbett National Park has morphed into a popular weekend getaway for those seeking a one-with-nature experience. While its proximity to Delhi has had a lot to do with said popularity, its dense jungles and the abundance of varieties of fauna are also attractive to eyes tiring of concrete jungles. However, the very animal in whose name it has been set up is frustratingly elusive, most long winding jeep safaris ending in the guide triumphantly pointing out some tiger poop.Boasting one of the highest densities of tigers of all the national parks in India, a jeep-chase for a sight of the regal striped animal in the Bandhavgarh National Park is far more likely to result in an actual tiger. Relatively small in size, the national park is easily navigable as well, and with plenty of other varieties of fauna to keep your lens interested, you can rest assured your camera is unlikely to see the inside of its bag for the duration of the safari.
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Located in central India in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park is famous for its high density of tigers. Named after a famous hill believed to have been gifted by Lord Rama to his brother Lakshan, local historical lores provide it a unique identity. In fact it is a well published fact that Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa captured the first white tiger in this region in 1951, a rare occurence of an albino cat species. You can still see this on display in the Rewa palace which is now converted to a museum