Suvarnabhumi Airport Nong Prue Samut Prakan Thailand 1/3 by Tripoto
Anusha Nakshathra
In the 2 hours of transit time in the Bangkok airport, I joined the queue to process my visa on arrival. The fee for visa is THB 1000 (Thailand Baht) which is INR 2000. I also recommend carrying at least 2 passport sized photos with you. You are required to stick it on the visa application. If you don't have it, you're going to have to break away from the long queue, head to the Thai speaking dudes who charge you THB 200 for 6 photos, and then rejoin the long queue at the same spot, if you are lucky. Remember, you'll be asking other Indians in the queue to hold your place if you step out.I also made another mistake. Even though I planned on staying in the same locality in Krabi for about four days, I chose almost a different hotel/resort to stay in every night. While this may not sound like a bad idea, in a place like Krabi, it is logistically a nightmare. Every morning, you're forced to check out by 11-1130 with all your bags, find relevant transport, somehow communicate to the transport medium driver/rider the location of the next hotel/resort, get there, wait for 1 PM check-in, actually check-in, and then head out again to explore. And if it rains in the midst of all this, your entire day is screwed. We missed out on some day trips that would start at 8 AM and end by 4 PM simply because we had to check out from one place and check in at another. Hence, while planning out your trip, keep all this and the other formalities and legalities I mentioned earlier in mind.After all the legality got out of the way, we headed to the transit gate and flew out to Krabi. The climate was beautiful, cool, and not too sunny. My first stay was at Poonsiri Resort about 20 km away from the main town.
Neha Kirpal
From Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will need to take a cab to Kanchanaburi. The drive is about 140 kms long and will take you a comfortable two-and-a-half hours to reach. Once in Kanchanaburi, it takes another 40 minutes to reach the resort’s private pier with free parking facility, the Phutakien Pier (Resotel pier), by traveling towards Saiyok district.
Rashmi Shetty
> A Short and sweet our 24 hrs is the best way to squeeze some must see places in Bangkok. >Bangkok its a city deeply rooted in tradition that is plowing full steam ahead to being one of the most modern cities in Southeast Asia.Remnants of the past are so well preserved along with many signs of modernization and infrastructure gang created the sprawling city we can see today...>When you land in Bangkok, the airport is really well organized and you can make your way out of the airport to the taxi line without any jumble. But yes traffic can sometimes be a bit bad in the city center.. Taxi is pretty much the best way to get to the city, it roughlyh takes about 40 mins from airport to the city center.
Dipanjan Das
Day-5It is a sad morning, as it's time to say Good Bye to this beautiful nation . With extreme heavy heart proceeded to Swarnabhoomi International Airport to board Indigo Flight to Kolkata
Abhijeet Guha
It was an official trip to Thailand to attend a conference 3 years back. I just managed to get my passport just 2 days before the scheduled trip of 21st April. So I had no time to manage the visa but depend on Visa on Arrival process. Reaching Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport with the team, I took the queue for Visa on Arrival and submitted the VISA fees of 2000 Rs. and got the VISA instantly. We had few cabs waiting to pick us from the Airport and drop us at Pattaya. Our company had already booked a hotel for us in Pattaya where the conference was scheduled.