Eletaria Resort 1/4 by Tripoto

Eletaria Resort

Bharti Singh
Stayed at: Eletaria Resort A quiet, eco-friendly plantation resort about 45 minutes from Thekkady. Yes, it was far! And btw, someone has geo-tagged it incorrectly on Google Maps because of which we got completely lost. By the time we reached the place, it was well past midnight. But it was all worth the effort when we woke up to a stunning view in the morning. Pretty cottages, tree houses, hammocks and cool breeze. cottage in eletaria One of the cottages View from my room View from my room The restaurant in Eletaria Eletaria Restaurant With a restaurant like that, we never ended up calling for room service. Imagine having steaming hot idlis and filter coffee sitting in that sunny corner to keep you warm from the chilly breeze. (It was below 15 degrees when we were there.) The few negatives that I will give to Eletaria: NO WIFI. Forget free wifi. The place has no wifi at all. Kitchen staff didn’t seem too efficient. Limited food options. Poor arrangements for the drivers. A bit over-priced.