Akrotiri 1/undefined by Tripoto
Mast Musaphir
Today was my last day in Santroni and had to leave for Athens in the afternoon. I booked the tickets with Blue Star Ferries from Santorini to Piraeus port in Athens for €35. After white beach of Mykonos and black beach in Kamari I thought I had seen it all, that's when nature surprised me yet again. In the village of Akrotiri, accessible by state run buses by a 45 minutes ride costing €1.80, I reached a beach enclosed by the slabs of red and black volcanic rocks behind it. This is truly hidden gem, requiring bit of a struggle to find the place and a rocky climb. Guess if there was a beach on Mars it would look something like this. While I was waiting for bus back to Fira I set in a cafe where few kids were teasing another kid by almost singing "What's your name.... what's your name?" reminding me of our dahling Sheila! The ferry leaves for Athens at around 3.30 PM from Santorini. My hotel owners were kind enough to drop me to the new port which is about 20 minutes ride from Fira town through mountains of Santorini. What I was about to board on was the longest ferry ride of my life, eight hours to get to Athens. First few hours I spent on sun deck with Richard, Étienne, Françoise and Sal (characters from the Beach) curiously reading how long the alternate world that they had created for themselves will last! Why do we need to have a world of our own, isn't the reality of the world around us so very amusing in its all strangeness? The ferry reached to Athens to in 11.30 PM! There were no metro available at that hour so hailed a cab to get to core of the town and stay near Acropolis area. I shared the cab with two young American girls, brave I must say, teenage girls totally on their own exploring the world at leisure.
Nikita Anand
Day 5: Explore the beautiful village of Akrotiri which is at one end of the C-Shaped island (Oia being the other end). Visit the Akrotiri's Archeological site and marvel at how the red sand of the Red Beach perfectly contrasts the cobalt blue Mediterranean waters. Head over to the gorgeous Santo Winery for sampling rare greek wines and enjoy yet another splendid Santorini sunset. You could take a winery tour!
Gargi Vishnoi
As soon as someone hears the name of Santorini, what flashes in front of the eyes are the monochrome picture of this beach town bathed in white and blue. Only here santorini is mentioned because of its historical significance and the Akrotiri Excavations it boasts of. The excavations at Akrotiri have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. The volcanic materials had enveloped the entire island and the town itself when it erupted long ago. These materials, however, have been protected up to date the buildings and their contents, similar to Pompeii and attracts throngs of avid historians.