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Swarovski Kristallwelten

Himadri Gorai
We got down at around 12.30 pm and then took the bus which was free with the Innsbruck pass and went to Innsbruck station. From there we took the shuttle bus for Swarovski Crystal World.It was a welcome change from the natural beauty but still the crystal clouds set up on the mountain backdrop gives a different perspective. However, I would not say it's a must. If you are just a nature enthusiastic you can drop this.
Animesh Sood
The next day was our final day of the tour. Post breakfast, we reached Munich main railway station (Hauptbahnof) which was the start point of our tour. After showcasing our tour booking voucher, we got on to our coach and were ready for our day tour to Innsbruck and the Swarovski World of Crystals.
Anuradha Adhikari
Swarovski Crystal Museum was the first destination on our list but as the shuttle was due in 2 hours we explored golden roof building and Hofburg Palace. As Vienna weather did not permit us to enjoy Hofburg well we explored every bit of it in Innsbruck. I was awestruck with the grandeur of ceramics, furnishing and decor of each and every room in colour coded theme.Crystal Museum shuttle starts from Innsbruck Station with a stopover at Innsbruck Congress. We boarded the bus from the stop just opposite to Innsbruck Congress. After 45 minutes of scenic journey we reached the fairy tale land of crystal. Just after entering our eyes were bejeweled with everything crystal. Starting from largest crystal in the world to infinity crystal works to crystal Christmas tree and crystal cloud; I was overjoyed like a child. Most of the exhibition halls were tuned with beautiful music perfectly suiting the ambiance. It also houses shopping arena and everything is quite expensive especially compared to INR. But luxury buy once in a while does not harm anyone!! As we started back to Innsbruck it was dusk and snow capped mountain were coloured in sunset hues. Smoothest of roads lined with conifers coupled with golden and pinkish peaks all around us; one of the prettiest bus journey anyone can ask for.
Adete Dahiya
The first stop is Wattens, where you can witness the making of Swarovski crystals at the Swarovski World of Crystals and marvel at the crystalline works of art.Pro tip: The weather here is unpredictable with violent thunderstorms occurring even in Summer. Pack accordingly.