Indira Gandhi’s house 1/1 by Tripoto

Indira Gandhi’s house

Anand Menon
From there we move to Indira Gandhi’s house – No.1, Safdarjung. A huge house surrounded by beautiful gardens, this is where Indira Gandhi used to live and this has been converted to a museum or memorial of sorts. There are many paper clippings and photos depicting the various phases of her life and significant events during her tenure as the Prime Minister. Her last clothes have been preserved in a glass casing. Various rooms like her study and bedroom have been preserved and we see them stacked full with bookshelves. ImageThen we walk to the part of the house where Rajiv Gandhi lived. The structure is pretty similar – paper clipping along a timeline, his last clothes (there were just some remains of a blasted pyjama, torn socks and shoes) and many photos of the family clicked by Rajiv Gandhi. Then we move outside the house to the beautiful gardens and reach the spot where Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own guards. The last steps are covered by crystal to symbolize an ever flowing river and the spot where she fell is covered by a plain glass.