Wadi Ash Shab 1/1 by Tripoto
Veronica May
Oman is scattered with Wadis (arabic term for valley) and this is without a doubt one of the best day trips to go on. Only a few hours drive from the captial city of Muscat, this short hike will lead you through an opening of lush palm trees and astonishingly bright, emerald-green rock pools that weave through the dramatic canyon-valley. You will climb over and under rocks, swim through turquoise pools, climb up mini-waterfalls, wade through streams and for the dare-devils, this is a cliff-jumping haven. In 2012 the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series final stop took place here. The end of the hike/swim leads you to the much anticipated ‘keyhole.’ This is a very narrow slit in the rock face that you have to swim through for several metres before reaching the opening to a large water-filled cave. You can swim behind the main waterfall feature of the cave with not an inch to spare as your head fits through the small smoothed passages carved by water. Hear your voice echo as you pass through stalagmites and stalactites during this exhilarating journey. You can also climb up the waterfalls cliff-face and take the plunge off a protruding rock back down to the depths of the cave. It truly feels like you’re in an adventure water-park, except it’s all natural and very real. The perfect day for families and friends.