Ambrai Ghat 1/4 by Tripoto
Rohith Girish
Day 4, 7:30 pm - We had dinner at this restaurant which is situated on the banks of the Udaipur Lake. As it has a scenic setting, the place is usually over-booked, so we were lucky to have a table available even though we did not make any reservation! The food was nothing to rave about, but the whole experience of dining beside a still lake left us with pleasant memories.
Praveen Gupta
8. As soon as you come out of the restaurant, take immediate left (walking); you will find yourself on the Ambrai Ghat. This place is peaceful and serene (You will see this Ghats while boating in Lake Pichola). Sit on the stairs, dip your legs and spent some time here, witnessing the silence of lake.
Gulnaaz Rizvi
A beautiful dining place by the lakeside, dinner couldn't be more pleasant.
Tushar Chaudhary
The trip to Udaipur is incomplete without a dinner at this place. This restaurant not only has the best view in Udaipur but also has amazing food.