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Church of St Cajetan

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Church of St. Cajetan
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Church of St Cajetan. Modelled on the design of the famous St Peter’s church in Rome, this impressive church was built in the 16th century by Italian friars. It is the only domed church in Goa and the alter is dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence. The exterior of the church is quite impressive with a long driveway straddled with gardens on both sides that lead up to the main door. The interiors of the church as one enters, the individual is drawn to the four huge pillars and the towering dome in the Centre. The largest of the alters is dedicated to St Cajetan himself. In the olden days the mortal remains of Portuguese governors used to be kept in the crypt prior to their obtaining a passage on one of the ships going back to Portugal.
This particular domed church in Old Goa is too often overlooked, but it’s architecturally very significant. It’s been modelled on the original St. Peter’s church in Rome, making it particularly interesting. It’s one of the most beautiful of all churches in Goa, so it’s odd that it isn’t more popular! The main altar in particular is an excellent example of Baroque style.