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Church of St Francis of Assisi

One of those places is Church of St.Francis of Assisi.
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Church of St Francis Asissi : The church is a heritage construction, built by the Portuguese in 15TH century as a chapel, later rebuilt and given status as a church as the original chapel showed signs of age. The construction imbibed Tuscan style of architecture having a three tiered structure, eight distinct octagonal towers and thereafter during this reconstruction a small niche housing the status of Our Lady of Miracle bought over from Sri Lanka was placed. The church boasts of some impressive architecture as well as sculptures and paintings within especially the main altar, which has a huge status of the St Francis Assisi over it along with that of Lord Jesus. The altar is a fine example of intricate architecture painting on wood depicting scenes from the life of the saint .
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Church of St. Francis Of Assisi, Old Goa: The Portuguese built the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in 1661. This church lies on the western side of Se Cathedral, with the Palace of the Archbishop in-between.