Đồng Xoài

Eva and Nat
We headed to the Dong Xou evening weekend market and wandered around, but unfortunately it was mostly tat, but we did manage to pick up a North Face rucksack for a fiver, if its not real, it’s a very good fake, which means the old Pac Sport rucksack got demoted – sorry Unsie!We went well out of the comfort zone that night and went up a ladder into a small restaurant that only serves one dish…the place was full of Vietnamese and it seemed like a special occasion kinda place. This was real DIY dinner – They brought out a gas burner with a pan of bubbling oil on top which had pieces of fish frying in it and carried it through the restaurant one handed (passing it over peoples heads), then they came out with an enormous plate of dill and mint leaves, a plate of peanuts, some rice vinegar dipping sauce and a pile of rice noodles…! The fish was cooked and the oil was spitting everywhere, so we switched off the burner and tucked in…but soon noticed laughing and pointing…a woman came across, switched the burner back on, pointed at the plate of dill and spring onions, we were supposed to chuck everything in…verdict was it tasted good and we def provided entertainment for them!