Warner Bros. Studio Tour London 1/1 by Tripoto

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

A must visit for Harry Potter fans! You are taken right into the magical world of Harry Potter by seeing where the films were made and all the props. You've got to try a Butterbeer, pose for photos with the Knight Bus, on the Hogwarts Bridge, at 4 Privet Drive, and many other large props used in all 8 films. You will be mesmerized by a large scale model of Hogwarts, which was actually used in the films. The interior scenes within Hogwarts were shot in many locations across the UK. It's easy to spend a whole day here. I LOVED everything about this tour, especially how they were able to provide British Sign Language interpreters which I really appreciated, as I was able to get information in BSL. Lucky for me, BSL is very similar to Auslan (Australian Sign Language), which is the sign language I use at home so it wasn't that difficult to understand and I was able to converse with the interpreters and other Deaf people on the same tour.