Varun Suchday
Unique culture, proud people and a city in defiance, Ramallah is a rare opportunity to experience and understand Palestine. Capture different aspects of Palestinian life at the Al-Manara Square; check out the Ottoman-era buildings of Tahta, the old city; visit the Tomb of Arafat to pay homage to Yasser Arafat; see how Ramallah changed over the years at the photo gallery in Dar Zahran Heritage Building; sip some Palestinian beer at the Taybeh Brewery; shop for authentic Palestinian wares at Noora Heritage House; and head to the outskirts of Ramallah for rock climbing.How to get there: Round-trip flights from Mumbai to Ben Gurion Airport, Jerusalem cost ₹35,500.Daily budget: The average daily expense is ₹5,000 including accommodation, transportation, food and entrance tickets.Best time to visit: The best time to visit Ramallah is from May to July and September to November. The temperature ranges from 14 to 30 Celsius during this time.Where to stay: Hostel In Ramallah (₹1,127 dorm bed), Retno Hotel (₹4,725 double). For more options, check here.Have you visited any of these cities? Or, do you have a thousand and one travel tales to tell? Write your own travelogue and share it with millions of other travellers. And subscribe to Tripoto Youtube Channel for stunning videos.