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December - May
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Franz Josef Glacier

Aditya Saini
It was just a one night stay @ OASIS. We checked out and went to visit the Glacier. The glacier is located at about 45 mins walk from the parking. We hoped the walk would not be tiresome. But it was literally a beautiful walk. People & travelers around the world are so adventurous and exciting, it gave us that sort of excitement. We saw people escorted on wheelchairs, couple of around 70-75 age around, walking to the glacier, people carrying there 6-7 month children with them. It was lovely to watch.After walking the beautiful walk, we finally arrived at the last point, got clicked, sat to absorb the view and walked back. That day of ours was the only unplanned day of the trip as we were not sure where we will stop and take a hotel for the night. We drove & drove & drove. The drive was so beautiful , that I drove back to Queenstown (which was initially not the plan). We went to the shop, Happy Travels and booked our activity of Shotover Jet from there of next day. We used there WIFI to book an economy mote " HD MOUNTAIN VILLA" (as we only had to stay for the night there). We drove to the hotel & found that the VILLA was on sharing basis with 4 couples & 2 bathrooms. Anyways, we just had to stay the night. The owners also had a cat named KING KONG (she was actually big). The villa had everything needed,a kitchen, a living room, garden etc, so the entire stay was pleasing.