Hotel Sacher Wien 1/5 by Tripoto

Hotel Sacher Wien

Diksha Sahni Ghosh
If there is ever a souvenir you want to take back from Vienna, let it be the 3 kilos you will gain from eating all the wonderful food. Sure, Vienna is famous for the Schnitzel, but the chances of you finding one without pork are slim (God bless the chef at our hotel for serving up turkey schnitzel to us everyday!) But if you are like me who won't eat any pork or beef, even better! Because, then you will have all the space in your stomach to gorge on the rich cakes (kuchen in German). First up was the famous Sacher Torte. The Original Sacher-Torte was invented by Hotel Sacher and till this day invite long queues of people wanting a slice of Vienna. The original recipe remains a secret, but it is basically a chocolate cake coated with apricot jam, chocolate icing and topped with whipped cream. It certainly doesn't come cheap, but is worth a try. A walk further down will take you to another iconic bakery of Vienna, called "Aida". A popular bakery in Vienna since 1913, Aida today offers mouthwatering cakes, pastries, macaroons and tarts. They also have their own version of the Sacher Torte. They have different branches all over the city and all are done up in pink decor.