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Giri Mallela
Giri Mallela
Now Avalabetta was permanently closed for civilians by forest department.
Shahzad Siddiqui
This dream was accomplished within Bangalore thanks to a new startup called Wicked Rides. You can rent premium bikes by the hour or for day(s). I rented the Harley Davidson Iron 883 for a day and went on a 250 km round trip to Avalabetta hilltop and Nandi hills, both on the outskirts of Bangalore.
sagar sakre
Not so long back the Avalabetta was popular, when i first visited Avalabetta on sep 2015 there were hardly anyone at this place, After few months the place got very famous because of its unique vertical drop point. I visited second time on sep 2016, this time there was a huge rush at this point for taking photographs, few days later it finally got banned there will be a security guard not allowing people to go near the point.4. Thattekere
Gunjan Upreti
Thirty-second rundown: Avalabetta Fort is in the Chikkaballapur district in Karnataka, and if you like to check out dangerous places, well, this could be your next destination. For explorers and adventurers, Avalabetta Fort offers enough opportunities for hikes. And for people with a keen interest in mythology, there's a small temple on top of the hill where the fort is situated and the priest there can enlighten you with the mythological significance of this place, so make it a point to speak to him.Round-trip fare for 12 hours: ₹1575 onwardsBook your ride now.
Some Aditya Mandal
Avalabetta is 90 odd kms from Bangalore, a hillock with pretty nice views from the peak ,populary known as 'Nandi Hills without the crowd'. From Bangalore take NH44 upto Peresandra,take left and continue for next 16kms.
So, we decided to shift our initial plan and that's when one of my friend recommended for this place called "Avalabetta". It was a wonderful decision taken and I am glad that we chose this place. Avalabetta is known for "One fart away from death tag" (Refer Google Maps for directions). So, the ride was set on October 24th and waking up at 4 actually never-slept, we all have this excitement within us when we are waiting for something to happen which is in our favor. We got ready by 4:50 and packed our equipment's and I can never forget having "Aloo Bun and Coffee" at my friends place. Trust me that kept my stomach full for almost 4 hours. The boys were all set and we get to our garage take out our bikes and take off to pick the 4th pillion. Picking her at about 5:40 and in no time we headed on the  highway from Hebbal or let's say Airport Road. It was freezing like mad and the riders couldn't even rise the accelerator above 30kms/hr. We had just one layer of jacket on our shirts and the cold breeze just kept us slow for sometime.  We timed our first stretch approximately by 7:30 and we were in time and stopped for a breakfast near Kamat. I should thank the staff for allowing us to sit on the reserved tables outside the restaurant as we were freezing and we needed some sunlight to hit warm our skin.The food was pretty decent, I didn't have anything as I wanted to keep myself light till the next stretch we cover up. But, for a decent amount riders can have good breakfast. So, moving on we hit the off road from Kamat and took the Sadahalli-Devanahalli road or in order to save some time you can also take a diversion from Devanahalli and hit the Dodabellapura road and you can reach Avalabetta in about 2  hours. But, we chose the Chikbellapura road which goes through Nandhi Hills road (AH43). One straight road will take you to Avalabetta but we stopped by to enjoy the scenic beauty and the sunrise. The roads are brilliant and you can easily hit at 70-100kms/hr but since this was our first time we kept the momentum at about 80kms/hr (Take it slow).By 8:20 we enter Chikabellapura mainroad and getting interiors of the town (The road is decent enough) considering that you are in a town and you could even have breakfast but we were too early so not a single location was available so we headed without a pause till Peresandra (Take a left to reach Adhegarahall). From there reaching Avalabetta is in the next part, stay tune and until then get your bags packing and reach Peresandra.Catch you guys in the next post. 
Gunjan Upreti
One such alternative is, Avalabetta Fort - which is still relatively low on the tourist radar.Avalabetta Fort is in the Chikballapur district in Karnataka, and if you like to check out dangerous places, well, this could be your next destination.For explorers and adventurers, Avalabetta Fort offers enough opportunities for hikes. And for people with a keen interest in mythology, there's a small temple on top of the hill on which the fort lies and the priest there can enlighten you with the mythological significance of this place, so make it a point to speak to him.Have a look at the pictures:There's also a small pool on the cliff edge. But, it's the rock jutting out over the high drop that will test of nerves.
We started our Journey from J. P Nagar bangalore towards Avalabetta .. This was our first visit to Avalabetta so after browsing and taking notes about how to reach. It was easy after we reached palace ground it's one straight road from there you would reach a diversion to Hyderabad do not take it go straight., if hungry you would find few places to eat on the way, do carry few things to munch.. Like they say 'better safe than Sorry' use GPS to locate Peresandra you would see a board indicating the same, right before a tiny underpass take a service road to your left n after a good amount of travel you would reach Avalabetta trust me the scenic beauty one sees and feels is unmatched.Approximately 9 km from the hill you will be welcomed with a neat well maintained winding road that will take you to your destination.On top of the hill right after you climb the steps you would find a temple where believers come n worship and stay at peace. Once you reach the temple you can either take the steep rocky stairs on the left to the top of the hills where u can sit n feel the wind and for those with adventurous heart can even climb to the tip n talk to the clouds. And there are few who even climbed down the rocks which I did not attempt. Now let's follow the rock pathway to the right of the temple. This road will lead you to a much safe n relaxed part of the hill which also includes a famous part where one can sit on the edge of the cliff like he/she s dangling in air.. (like literally) I'll share the pic you see for yourself.After loads of pics n mini heart attacks seeing people hop around like monkeys and real monkeys chasing us when u start munching food. We decided we head back home. Before it's dark as it was cloudy already.
Drive From J P Nagar to Avalabetta via Activa
For explorers and adventurers, the place offers sufficient opportunities for climbing, bird watching or simply learning about its mythology. Avalabetta often referred to as Avalakonda (in Telugu), this place is at best known to the people of surrounding villages. It has a wide plateau full of trees and shrubs. A good population of monkeys too live in the vicinity. To the east, a tall Mantapa stands like a sentinel. Years ago the only way to scale the hill was to take a trail covered in bushes. However, there's a good road in place now. Avalabetta is not crowded as Nandi or any other tourist places in Karnataka. Hardly 8 to 10 people were there when we visited and the timing was the best part. Suryabhagwan welcomed all of us with a warm touch in the chilled morning. I bet you won't think about anything else while seeing the pointed rock beside the pond. Speechless! Scary though!
Ritesh Singh
Never the less it made the journey to be remembered…So we started our journey from our "adda" early in the morning around 6:00 A.M. with the people who should not be named. We took the route towards N.H. 7 via Kempegowda International Airport. Had a coffee break after Airport for a 'wake me up'.It's around 90 Km from bengaluru till the hilltop. Since N.H 7 is plain like a butter we cruised and on some streches we touched the speed limit which was mentioned as 120, rightly so as the road tempts you to go beyond. So for all the ride enthusiasts; this is the route to take for once you decide to rev you engines.
Harsha Vardhana Achar
Beautiful hill, best spot for riders, good road and clam spot.
Raj Abhishek
Decent views and a pretty comfortable drive. No crowd.