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This is a popular and very important spice trading region of Kerala's Idukki District. This is situated on the Cardamom Hill and the name is apt. Tourists come here in large numbers to explore the green spice plantations here and also shop from the spice market. The spice Market is the main tourist attraction here followed by the Periyar Tiger and Wildlife Sanctuary. Kumily is also close to other tourist destinations of Kerala and Tamil nadu. Apart from buying spices, you also get spice preserves, spice chocolates, tea varieties and coffee of good quality in Kumily. The climate of this place is tropical and thus the climate is not really bad. There is abundance of natural beauty and the ingredient of fauna is added in full amount by the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.

Thekkady - Kumily

Thekkady is a place in the Idukki District of Kerala and is also a part of the Periyar Wildlife Reserve. The main reasons of its popularity are the attractions which are a part of it and the ones surrounding it. The main attractions within Thekkady are Murikkady known for spices and coffee plantations and the Chellar Kovil known for its natural beauty and waterfalls. The surrounding attractions include the Mangala Devi Temple and the Nearby International Airport.

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Thekkady is around 87 kms from Munnar. Its famous for coffee and spice plantation. I some how loved this place. Its quite lively as compared to other places. There are many things to do in Thekkady. We went to see kathakali dance show in the evening and also jungle safari which was amazing. Then next day we went to Perriyar forest walk and boating. It was beautiful. We also went for elephant ride which was truly amazing experience.
Disha Dhingra

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From Cochin [often called by the name Ernakulam], it’s a 4-5 hour drive to either Thekkady or Allepey. If you’re into wildlife reserves, then Thekkady is not to be missed given that Periyar Tiger Reserve is present here. This is one of the places where nature is in it’s glory
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Best time to visit
November- May
Things to do
boating, tours, photography
Open Hours

Periyar Tiger Reserve - Kumily

As we think about Kumily and Thekkady, the images and the beautiful scenes of spice and coffee plantations come to our minds. The lush greenery, rippling waterfalls and the scenes of wild animals, birds and reptiles run through our minds. The Periyar tiger Reserve and Wildlife sanctuary is one of the best forest sanctuaries of the country. The sanctuary is spread over the whole Idukki District and is a very popular tourist attraction. The tigers are the main animals found here and is also a part of the Project Tiger. On your visit to Kumily, a visit to this reserve is a must for everyone.
A wilderness experience like never before- such is the thrill and excitement that engulfs you as you set out for the night patrolling trail in Periyar Tiger Reserve. Periyar is a part of Project Tiger and its dense jungles boast of a variety of wild species, especially the Nilgiri Langur and the Malabar Squirrel which are endemic to this region. Experience the life of guardians of our forests- the forest guards as you accompany them on foot during their night patrol duties for 3 hours. The experience is sure to leave you feeling proud for having participated in a forest conservation initiative!
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I was so thrilled to be at Periyar Tiger Reserve. You need to get to this place as early as possible [I’m talking as early as 6-6.30 am :)] to buy tickets. If you’re going in some vacation time, don’t be surprised to find yourself waiting in never ending queue. They have option to book ticket online. But it’s a little expensive. Stuck in queue ? Don’t worry. Our monkey friends will give you company ! :) There are many of them. There are jungle lodges present here. You could try one of them. Apart from the river safari, there are many activities like tiger trail and nature walk. Check out the below website for more details. At Periyar Tiger Reserve, we get to see animals on either sides of the river. Chances of spotting animals are really high in the morning slot. Variety of birds, deer, gaur, elephants can be spotted. You’re lucky if you can spot a tiger ! :) Thekkady is also famous for spice gardens. What you’re seeing in this pic is Cocoa. There would be a guided tour of the spice garden. The guide tells you about variety of spices, their health benefits and also gives some for you to taste as well ! Each of these spice gardens will have their own Ayurveda shops from where you can shop.
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DAY 07 MUNNAR - PERIYAR After breakfast you drive southwards to the 777square kms/485 square miles of Southern India’s best known Nature Reserve, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Cardamom Hills. Avoiding the busier, more touristy areas of Periyar, you’ll stay in Mayapott Plantation Bungalow for 02 nights, Set amidst 100 acres of cardamom plantation. In the evening enjoy a walk in the plantations. DAY 08 PERIYAR Today enjoy a day long rafting cum trekking program through some of the richest forest tracks of Periyar Tiger Reserve. This offers a memorable navigating experience across the famous Periyar Lake. Apart from the rafting experience, one can travel through a mosaic of pristine habitats. Overnight at the plantation bungalow.
Vimal Mathew

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Best time to visit
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Things to do
wildlfe tours, photography, bird watching
Open Hours
6:00 AM- 6:00 PM
Indians- INR 25, Foreigners- INR 300, Still camera- INR 100, Video Camera- INR 250, Vehicle entry- INR 50- 100 per person

Hotel Karar Garden Thekkady - Kumily

A place for adventure tourism and trekking. This will offer a panoramic view of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
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