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Barely 4 km away from Dharamshala by foot, the hill station of McLeod Ganj is home to many majestic monasteries, delicious smelling kitchen cafes, video rental shops, western food cafes, trekking companies and wall to wall stores selling Tibetan souvenirs and many more goodies. Also known as Little Lhasa and the abode of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual influence and its mystical green hills mark McLeod Ganj as a significant tourist destination and a major traveller hang-out in the Kangra Valley. A 5-minute walk south of this town will take one to the Tsuglagkhang Complex, which comprises the official residence of the 14th Dalai Lama, vibrant monasteries with beautiful murals and even a bookshop cafe that goes by the name of Namgyal Gompa. Tourist activity after monsoon picks up, after October, with February March being pleasant months to visit the hill station to witness the Losar Festival or the Tibetan New Year being celebrated. This compact sized town is best explored and enjoyed by walking or trekking. Intriguing short walks around Mcleod Ganj include one that goes 2km east to Bhagsu which leads one to a waterfall and a temple. The most well-known trek, 8 km starting from the town, is to Triund, a snow-flanked and serene camping spot from which one can also travel 5 km ahead to reach a charming little forest rest house. With many many hipster eateries, the food here is some of the best you'll find at any mountain destination.

Temple Rd - Mcleod Ganj

We reached mcleodgunj in the evening, had our evening snack. We had thungpa (kind of a noodle soup) . it was really spicy. After food we checkin in a local hotel near to bus stand.
Karam Dhawan

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institute of tibetology - Mcleod Ganj

The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is a research place about the art, culture, religion, language of the Tibetian people. It boasts of a museum with rare collection of old tibetian texts, scriptures, jewellery, weapons, clothing etc.
Gargi Vishnoi

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Triund - Mcleod Ganj

Triund Hill is a famous spot that one can trek along to. As a matter of fact, there are a number of trails that one can follow and reach the peak at the Dhauladhar range. From McLeodgang to the peak is around 9 kilometres and many tourists prefer this trail. Camping is a great activity to be done here as the place is clean and cool. There are some mysterious twists to the trails that one will surely enjoy a lot. Once at the peak, click pictures of Moon Peak and the Indira Pass as well.
A 13 km trek to 'Triund hill' amidst rain and thunder was an experience of a lifetime. 13 kms seemed like one hell of a climb for us 'corporate junkies' used to daily luxuries of life. But it all seems worth the effort when you reach at the top and witness stretches of snow-capped mountains and a bed of lush green grass with dozens of colorful tents. For company, you have some cattle, fellow trekkers and small shops selling basic stuff. The scenic beauty coupled with Chai and Maggie makes one fall in love with life! As the night falls one can see the city lights from up from the mountains, the entire existence seems dwarfed against the magnaminity of nature!!
Pooja Chaudhary

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This trail is what one should go on when one visits in Himachal Pradesh.
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One Two Cafe. Main Temple Road | Cafe Ibd Complex - Mcleod Ganj

This place is right opposite Dalai Lama's temple so you cant miss it. A nice place with big windows so you can view the street as you sip your coffee. Nobody bothers you to place an order so just sit & relax there. And this is a practice in all of Mcleod restaurants - something I love the most. The girl who took the order was very sweet & help me choose a dish I was confused about. There were two kinds of Thukpas (gyathuk & thenthuk). She patiently explained to me the difference between the two & suggested me to have Gyathuk. And it was delicious (I am not a raw noodle lover so separated the noodle from the veggies & soup). I always love the natural flavor of the vegetables & this soup had that taste. I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. Their Vegetable Chowmein, Vegetable Momos & Fresh Orange Juice were also great.
Manoo J.

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