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This is one of the seven north eastern states of India and also one of the most popular with the tourists. There are not many historical attractions here but the natural beauty is what can engage you for days here. The state is bordered by Burma or Myanmar on one side and Bangladesh on the other when talking about international borders. The Tropic of Cancer passes through this state and is another major importance of Mizoram. Tourism is the main industry here apart from handicrafts and agriculture. The government and the Tourism Department of Mizoram have taken many steps to develop the facilities given to tourists and a visit to this place is a must to experience the true beauty of Mizoram and its capital city of Aizawl.

Champhai - Mizoram

The town overlooks the biggest cultivable land in Mizoram. Champai is close to the Myanmar (Burma) border and you can cross over without any paperwork. There is also a heart shaped lake in Burma called Reh Dil. The local people believe that their souls travel into the lake after people pass away.
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Murlen National Park - Mizoram

This is a beautiful park in Mizoram which is more than 100 km away from Aizawl and is surrounded by a small village with about 0 families residing there. The park is filled with natural beauty including a variety of medicinal plants and herbs, mammals, birds, butterflies and many more. The park is also surrounded by six caves including the Lamsial Puk, Zokhtawar, Hnahalan and Tan Tlangis. Orchids are a major attraction here and you will find them in all colours and types in this park. Champhai is the nearest town from here and in case you want to stay close to the park, you will find a number of holiday resorts here.
No vehicles except two wheelers are allowed here. One can also hike into the national park. The national par was also beautiful, clean and extremely well maintained.
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Aizawl - Mizoram

Aizawl is a beautiful city within Mizoram. It’s stadium, its churches, its food, its people and their ever amazing ways can never fail to impress a person.
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