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Hotel Bellevue Suite - Amalfi

Although this place is in Solerno which is about an hour drive from Amafi but it offers a brilliant view of the beaches and the clear blue sky. Also since amalfi was overly booked and overpriced, Bellevue hotel-apartments was a safer bet.
Ankita Misra

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The Duomo - Amalfi

Or the Amalfi cathedral is a Roman Cathedral with larger than life illustration of romanesque architecture from the 9th century. Its dedicated to Apostle Saint Andrews. There are many intricate detailing in the cathedral that architecture enthusiasts might fancy. If you are around Amalfi, a visit to this cathedral should be in your list.
Ankita Misra

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Cloister del Paradiso - Amalfi

Although this cloister is a part of the cathedral but its worth the mention for the landscape...waterworks and the architecture of the cloister.
Ankita Misra

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