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Ginza - Chuo

Ginza is one of the luxuriest place to shop in Tokyo. It’s full of branded products along the road. If you’re a shopping and branded mania, I think one day is not enough to visit Ginza. You will need two days, believe me. I go to Uniqlo, because Uniqlo in Ginza has the biggest store among any other Uniqlo in Tokyo. It consists of 10 floor, and maybe you can spend half of your day here. It’s really complete! I also tried Dalloyau macaroon’s. Actually, I want to try Laduree’s macaroons, since I’m really curious about the taste. But because my tour leader, Masae-san said that Dalloyau has a good taste too and pretty famous here, so I tried Dalloyau instead of Laduree. Yeah, it does taste good and yummy ! My favourite Macaroons from Dalloyau is the Lemon flavour! It’s a must try :d
Megan Faustine

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Ginza is one of the neighborhoods in Tokyo that sums up fun, food and fashion. Cafes, art galleries, department stores, boutiques, night clubs, you name it and you will find it here. One of the most entertaining and fashion-forward districts (many leading fashion houses have flagship stores here) of Tokyo. It is a bit elite and expensive and supposedly the most luxurious shopping centers in the world. But, even if you aren't here with a strong intention to shop (although you will end up buying something) it is an interesting place to just walk around.
Fatema Diwan

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Sushi Dai - Chuo

There comes the most awaited experience- eating sushi in Japan. Sushi Dai located in the outer area of the Tsukiji market serves some of the best Sushi in the area. Needless to say, it serves you some of the freshest fish in town. The place opens at 5 am so you can go directly here after the Tuna Auction to grab some fresh breakfast. You need to be a bit patient though. There was quite a huge line outside since the sitting area wasn't that huge. But, it serves the best sushi you will ever eat!
Fatema Diwan

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Tsukiji Market - Chuo

This is where most of the sushi comes from. The biggest and the best fish market in the world. I couldn't even understand half of the items available there. The market sells around 400 types of seafood, from weeds to caviar. There are two parts to this market, the outer market and the inner market. While the inner market is restricted to tourists on most days, the outer market is equally fun. There are various small sushi counters to grab some yummy delicacy. The best part of this market is the Tuna Auction that takes place early in the morning at 5 am. Very few tourists are allowed in (first come, first serve basis) but it is worth an effort!
Fatema Diwan

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