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Rīga - Rigas Pilseta

Beautiful Riga, the capital of Latvia

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Cultural Capital of Europe for 2014 - A gem hidden in Eastern Europe!
Neelendra Nath

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Hanza Hotel - Rigas Pilseta

I found this to be the most convenient and light-on-the-pocket hotel in Riga. Hotels here are quite expensive and finding one that is comfortable and fits your bill is a bit difficult. The Hanza hotel provides lavish services at reasonable price. A delightful pub and a relaxing spa kind of puts it on the top of 3-star hotels in Riga. Moreover, it is just a 10 min walk away from the old town, where most of you tourists attractions of Riga are situated. What makes it even more interesting is that it is comfortably made inside one of Riga's historic structures. A true Riga Feel!
Fatema Diwan

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Kalku Varti - Rigas Pilseta

The nightlife of Riga is as upbeat as the city. The Kalku Street attracts the most amount of tourists for its entertainment. There are a lot of bars and clubs along this street to choose from. The Kalku Varti is highly recommended. It is one of Riga's most popular night clubs and is a great place to meet some locals or just hang out with your friends. If you aren't impressed by its classy interiors and an energetic dance floorr you can head up to the deck fro an open air party. Kalku varti ensures a night full of fun!
Fatema Diwan

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Vincents - Rigas Pilseta

If you aren't the one willing to compromise when it comes to good food, head here. Vincents is fine dining and one of the places nobody passing Riga ever misses. Some fine, gourmet, European food is served here from the kitchen of Latvia's famous chef - Mārtinš Rītinš. The interior and ambiance of this place is as artistic as the thought behind the dishes on the menu. A bit expensive, but very food lover knows- There is no price for Good Food.
Fatema Diwan

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