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Istanboly Turkish Restaurant - Muscat Governorate

Let’s talk food – Istanboly! Okay, this might confuse a lot of Omanis as Istanboly is in Muscat, then why make it a separate destination? Well the reason is my friends. They way they talk about the Istanboly Shawarma is as if it comes from some different planet and no matter which Shawarma they eat from which country, they end up comparing it with Istanboly’s product and consider the shawarma as “nowhere close to the delicious Istanboly Shawarma”. So this would be my must eat at destination in Oman. There are a lot of other places that the sultanate has to explore like the Masirah Island, the fabled lost city or Atlantis of the sands, Queen Sheba’s palace and city ruins and many more; but these 10 top my list of “Experience Oman.” Hopefully, I will get to visit all these places some day and have a lot of Baklava, Omani halwa and Chocolate Dates - Yay to my sweet tooth!
Vaisakhi Mishra

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Muscat - Muscat Governorate

The heart of the Sultanate – Muscat Muscat, the largest natural port of the world, is the capital of Oman and the place without which a visit to Oman is null and void. Muscat is a place where we see the traditional merge in harmony with modernization; the harbor of Muscat flaunts the traditional wooden dhows along with the Sultan’s Yatch; the Sultanate roads and hotels are world famous and so are the Grand mosque aka Sultan Qaboos Mosque and the Al-Jalali and Al-Mirani forts. The grand mosque in particular is known for its grandeur, architecture, world’s largest hand woven carpet and a 14 meter tall chandelier that is festooned in the praying hall. Though the whole mosque is not open to women, the mere site of it can leave you speechless.
Vaisakhi Mishra

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Muttrah - Muscat Governorate

Omani Agraba – Muttrah Legend has it that Oman was mistaken to be India by European Travelers and they made Muttrah their main port for trade, back in time. Even today, in spite of the onslaught of modernity, Muttrah seems to be in a time wrap. Muttrah is an antique freak’s and shopper’s paradise. It has the oldest traditional market of west Asia called Muttrah Souq that flaunts an ambience built with Turkish lamps, spices and incenses. You can also see a large part of the city flaunting the old mud houses – similar to the ones shown in Aladdin. But it is not just about the old heritage; Muttrah is also known for its Corniche with lavish yachts and deep blue sea. Sounds like modern Agraba doesn’t it?
Vaisakhi Mishra

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wadi - Muscat Governorate

Wadi Wonders It won’t be wrong to call Oman the land of Wadis. Oman is known for its Ocher yellow and rust shade mountains hiding aquamarine pools and lush green terraces within them – called as Wadis. From the serpentine Snake Canyon aka Wadi Bimah to the gorgeous Wadi Bani Khalid, from the submerged cave and perennial waterfall of Wadi Shab to the peaceful Wadi Tiwi, the Wadis of Oman are a must visit. The best time to visit Wadis though is the Khareef season till late February as in the other season the heat and the comparatively dry pools steal the main essences of these places. The important thing to remember to travelling to Wadis is four wheel drive, normal vehicles won’t do you any good.
Vaisakhi Mishra

282 Followers, 14 Reviews

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