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Duero - Bohol

We left to visit the Eskaya tribe in Duero, Bohol, on December 12. Our host served breakfast and gave us fried bananas to get us through the day. We spent a couple of hours with the Eskaya tribe and learned about their scripts and their commitment to preserve their culture. We also got the chance to listen to them sing the Philippine National Anthem in the Eskaya dialect. It was a privilege.

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Bohol Island - Bohol

Bohol has a lot of sights to see and some great beaches but, it also gave me the opportunity to take a step back and just relax in the beauty of the Island. The Bohol Bee Farm is one place you need to put on your list when visiting the Island of Bohol. When I first heard about it I expected the obligatory tour of a bunch of bees and how honey is extracted. I was pleasantly surprised at all the place has to offer. Located on Panglao Island Bohol, the farm is a working resort dedicated to organic farming.
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Chocolate Hills - Bohol

They are called chocolate hills as these cute round hills are covered in green grass which will turn brown during the dry season, hence the name. There are even legends explaining the existence of these hills!
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