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Ella - Uva Province

A small township popular for breathtaking scenery & plenty of trekking expeditions. The other major attraction is the Ravana Water Falls, which is connected to the Ramayana Epic.
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Ella will take you to the beautiful countryside that you always wanted to go for some peace and quiet. This is the best spot to end your trip and to interact with the locals while you stuff yourself with some typical Sri Lankan cuisine or walk through the tea plantations. There is a small Ravana Ella cave which is 2 kms away from Ella protected in the warmth of forest. It is said that this cave was used by Ravana to hide Sita when he had kidnapped her. You can spend some time at the waterfall near the caves.
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Buttala - Uva Province

Highly recommended -- nestled across the banks of the Yala national park is a hidden eco gem of a resort "Kumbuk River Eco Extraordinaire". Rated as one of the top 10 unique eco hotels in the world, this place has a 40 ft elephant hut made out of grass. The hut is shaped like an elephant and sleeps 2 families and the best part if even if it's just the two of you, you will have the entire elephant room to yourself as the resort values privacy. Stay here if you would like to sleep 'in the belly of an elephant'. Their Tree House Luxuria (which we booked) overlooks the raging Kumbuk River and if you are lucky you can spot wildlife across the river bank. Other activities offered by the resort include a mud bath, zip lining, elephant watch, Yala safari, etc. Truly a place to be if you want a unique & rustic Sri Lankan experience.

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Horton Plains National Park - Uva Province

Horton Plains National Park is located an hour away from Nuwara Eliya. There is a 10km trek through points like World's End & Baker's fall.
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