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Colombo - Western Province

Catarina Piedade

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Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo, A Port City, with a rich Colonial Heritage of The Portuguese, Dutch and British which is reflected in its spicy cuisine as well as its architecture, mixing colonial buildings with high-rises and shopping malls.Colombo is the Largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka.
Sohita Dikshit♥♥♥(gYpsy sOul)

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The capital of Sri Lanka & where we had a wonderful stay at Hotel Cinnamon Red.
Abhishek Saha

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Galle fort - Western Province

The beach road - amazing restaurants with beach view, sky scrappers. This city - the capital of Lanka definitely deserves a full day for shopping and exploring
Harita Vinnakota

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Wadduwa - Western Province

After 3 days of traveling you can relax & enjoy the golden, sandy beaches.
Apex Travelogue

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Negombo - Western Province

One of the few places you'll see Catamarans. If you are there in the morning, you can visit an exiting fishing village.
Apex Travelogue

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