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Phuket Simon Cabaret Patong Phuket Thailand - Amphoe Kathu

During my stay in Phuket last winter, I decided to see this famous show of Ladyboys of Phuket. The show is simply breathtaking with stunning costumes. Nice show, The lady boys are stunning. Bad thing was Photos are prohibited during the show and suddenly after every show you can see the lady boys waiting in line . This is the only time you can take pictures. They ask you to come with them for a picture, however, they will not hesitate to force you to pay them for taking this picture. If you buy VIP seats a bottle of water is provided. The GirlsBoys, with beautiful choreography representing several countries. A great show where we can go with a family, not vulgar at all .

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Bangla Patong Phuket Thailand - Amphoe Kathu

Bangla Road is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife. Bangla road is not just a road, but a street dedicated to bar,discos, music and crowded with Pretty girl's. A unique atmosphere. Bangla Road in Patong on Phuket Island is world famous and if you do not know well about this is that it is not for you. It is simply the street with all the gogo(night club) bar, street prostitutes and brothels. I recommend the Bar "Gossip" on Bangla Road, small but good atmosphere.

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Fantasea Tour Kammala Phuket Thailand - Amphoe Kathu

Fantasea show, Las Vegas style Thai cultural show inspired with number of new technology and must visted place for those who wants to know about Thailand culture.. The show is really fantastic - but also very touristy .I first wandered through all the souvenir shops and some games stalls and finally I Watch live dance stunts that tells stories of ancient Thailand. The show creates beautiful moments of emotion. The hundreds of actors are very energetic and generous. it's true that it's a bit pricey (1500 baht =2900rs approx) .show is only of 2 hours and it is of great quality.Must visit place.

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