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Chiang Mai Thailand - Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

TIGER KINGDOM: I have done both Tiger Kingdom and Tiger Temple and would defiantly recommend Tiger Kingdom as the one you should do. The tigers are so well looked after, they are more lively and you can get your pictures taken with them when they are alert and playing. Tiger Kingdom has 5 types of tigers…. smallest, small1, small2, medium and big. Each type is around 500b (10 pound) or you can do them all for 1900b (Just under 40 pound) and if you want you can hire a professional photographer for 300b (6 pound) extra and I would DEFIANTLY recommend this! FLIGHT OF THE GIBBONS: An action packed day of flying though the tree tops of Chiang Mai’s forest on zip lines and abseils. There are a couple of companies which do this however the Flight of The Gibbons takes you to see the wild gibbons (that’s a type of monkey fyi) and gives you an amazing 3 course meal with live jungle music! It really is nonstop and is ‘Thailand’s number one tourist attraction’ the costs can vary depending on where you get the tickets from but it is roughly 2800b and is pretty much a full day adventure!

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Chiang Mai is called ‘the rose of the north’ and is 700km from the capital city of Bangkok. Despite being the 2nd largest city in Thailand, its population comes in at about 200,000 while Bangkok is 9 million. This makes it a very lovely and comfortable city to go to.
Paula and Gordon

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Soak in the nuances of Thai culture at Chiang Mai. If possible, do light a lantern and send up in the air!
Deepika Gumaste

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Coffee Lovers Chiang Mai Thailand - Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

Cool down after touring the whole complex under the heat of the sun at this very chill and laid back cafe. :)

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Chiang Mai Tubing & Beach Club Office 1 Chiang Mai Thailand - Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

The beaches here are completely unlike typical Thai beaches and that was a relief!
Srotoswini Svetlana Baghawan

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Chiang Mai Zoo Huai Kaeo Road Chiang Mai Thailand - Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

No I wasn't referring to Backpackers. Chiang Mai Zoo is a hillside town for African, Asian and Australian animals. I was delighted at how well looked after they seem, despite some small enclosures for reptiles and one maddened-looking Asian black bear so clearly bored of his enclosure. And compared to Tiger Kingdom, where big cats are drugged for a tourist's opportunity at getting close to a top predator for a fucked up cuddle. The pandas being the star attraction were in their own area to draw in more money . As you can guess, the breeding programme wasn't going well and neither panda, showed a hint of interest in anything but sleeping in their bamboo decorated enclosures. Still it was a treat for me to see one in (huge) flesh and I was impressed at the modernity of how to keep such large and dangerous animals in humane but safe areas by using the well known trench system instead of caging up in serious amounts of chicken wire (ahem, London zoo).
lucy m

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Chiang Mai Zoo Huaykaew Road Chiang Mai Thailand - Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

See adorable pandas!

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