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Grand Palace Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Bangkok Thailand - Khet Phra Nakhon

This is a beautiful palace. The architecture is spectacular.The Museum of the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Collection of coins and the pavillion/museum displaying arms are interesting. The colours and the detailing in the structures, the beautiful windows and the armed guards are worth one's attention.
Anusha Ranganathan

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Freddie Jazz

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Our first stop was The Grand Palace, Bangkok’s massive and most visited Temple Complex, a visual onslaught of colour, a kaleidoscope of intricate patterns and glittering spires. The Palace Complex is huge; within it are many halls and buildings including government offices, the colourful and intricate Thai-style Pavilions contrasting with the more European Facade of the Chakri Maha Prasath Buildings, where the Central Throne Hall is. The Grand Palace served as the official residence of the King and his royal court from 1782 right until 1925; and even though the present Monarch does not live here anymore, it continues to be used for official events.
Upasna Verma

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Bangkok Thailand - Khet Phra Nakhon

Bangkok was a great experience. The temples are stunning, as is the culture of the country.I`ve stayed in a hostel at the famous Khao San Rd, a really crowded street, full of backpackers from all around the world. At night the place turns into a party place, where all the stores put on music and you can buy buckets of drinks everywhere. Literally buckets.
Victor Lohmann

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There is much more to Bangkok than nightlife and shopping. The Ayuthaya Historical remains is a must see for anyone interested in history. The 'Head of Buddha' is a stunner as to how nature conspires to protect God. The Siam Niramit show leaves you in awe. 'Spectacular' is such understatement. The Jim Thompson house is a treat to visit!

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After a good 2-3 day excursion of Pattaya the wild-child of Thailand it was time to come back to the sober sibling of Pattaya which was Bangkok and ofcourse this one was way different than its younger sibling but both still had a similar DNA.The whole objective of exploring Bangkok was simple, we wanted to shop and shop alot, so we saw no point roaming around with luggage to Pattaya and well well the decision quite worked for us. Bangkok does offer alot and definitely the quality is not bad at all for the prices at which it offers garments, bags and all the awesome things which you have to pick up before you depart from the multi-faceted Bangkok.Pratunam Market, Platinum malls and a couple of more malls are in the same vicinity and are definitely time consuming, but will leave you overwhelmed with variety, quality and styles of garments and accessories it chooses to offer. Maybe the phrase shop till you drop was originated somewhere between these malls. You can experience a good thai spa somewhere between shopping near Pratunam Market or somewhere between club-hopping at Khao Sarn Road. And this one specially calls out to all you MEN who don't have the patience to shop or haggle with the sellers, pamper yourself to a good spa while your girl shops around and once you are out, you'll be rejuvenated enough to carry lots of bags with a smile on your face.
pooja thakkar

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Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand - Khet Phra Nakhon

they are very strict with timings, dont forget to check it before you head for it!

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Located in the centre of Bangkok it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok. The scale of the buildings and the details within the buildings is breathtaking. Only 350b to gain entry and you can literally spend hours looking around! Also check out Wat Pho which is located just around the corner from the Grand Palace and is the MASSIVE lying down Buddha its 100b to get in but again its beautiful inside and you can look around the many rooms and temples once inside.

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The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand - Khet Phra Nakhon

We went early in the morning (The Grand Palace opens at 8.30 am) as we were told that once the tourist buses start to roll in, the place gets annoyingly crowded. The Grand Palace, built in 1782, is a former residence of the king, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government. A large part of the complex is used for ceremonies and is off-limits to tourists. The well-crafted floors, ceiling and walls inspire respect for the craftsmen who worked on this majestic palace. The intricate designs and architecture took me by awe. The palace is ornate and even after so many years reflects a sense of supremacy. Travel Tip- Ladies make sure you cover your upper arms and legs completely. Men must wear long trousers and suitable a T-shirt.
Pritika Behrawala

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