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Hoi An - Quang Nam Province

This is one of my very favorite places in the world. Yes, it is filled with tourists, but I still loved it. With art galleries, lanterns, custom made clothing shops, beaches, beautiful nature, and back roads to get lost on, I said from the first hour in that I could happily live there. I'm still thinking about it! Just have to find a job...
Cecilia Lockman

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Hoi An is totally flippin’ amazing. We spent 4 days here and really wish we didn’t have our onward travel booked. he old town is UNESCO protected and as a result there has been no modern development. The narrow streets remind me of a small Grecian coastal village, but instead of being painted blue and white, they are all a gorgeous shade of yellow, with dark wood blinds. Pete thinks it looks Cuban! Each tree and lamp post is strung with beautiful coloured lanterns which glow at night and cycling down by the river is a joy.minimal traffic and a ‘no horns’ rule in the old town makes Hoi An a much a softer place. At night, a PA system pumps out quiet classical Vietnamese music and the river is dotted with floating tea light lanterns and long row boats offering rides. Restaurants with open balconies look over the water while street sellers offer flowers, Vietnamese doughnuts, lanterns, jewelry and more. It’s one of the most romantic places I have ever seen (Paris eat your heart out)!
Jane Cook

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Day 12 Hoian – Tra Que village (BL) Am: Have breakfast at hotel. In the morning you will spend your time walking around HoiAn ancient town. Visit old houses of Tan Ky, Phuc Kien Hall, Ong pagoda, Sa Huynh Museum, Japanese Bridge and enjoy traditional music show at old house. Have lunch at restaurant. Pm: This afternoon you will cycle around the village and beautiful sights to visit the Tara Que vegetable village. Local farmers use traditional methods to grow without pesticides and fertilizer. Free to have your own dinner. Overnight at hotel. Day 13 Hoian – Da Nang – flight to Nha Trang (B) Am: Have breakfast at hotel. You have more free time to walk around Hoian ancient town. Hoian is a good place for shopping and tailoring clothes at reasonable prices. Free to have your own lunch Pm: This afternoon the driver drops you off the airport for your flight to Nha Trang. On arrival, guide and driver welcome you at the airport and transfer you to downtown, check in hotel. The rest of the time is your free time to relax at the nice sandy beach of Nha Trang. Free dinner & overnight at hotel.
Indochina Legend

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Mỹ Sơn ruins - Quang Nam Province

One of the most rewarding day-trips you can make from Hoi An is a 30-minute motoscooter (or bus) ride to ruins of the Champa kingdom at My Son. Remnants from the kingdom that ruled between the 1st and 17th century lay sprawled out, having battled war and nature, barely standing to tell the tale.
Arundhati Sridhar

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Mỹ Sơn - Quang Nam Province

After 55km my dead bum was gnawing at the edges of my patience. The road traffic requires you to keep your eyes in your rear, rather than on the scenery. The Han River flows next to much of the road. Sisterly jade rice paddies and twisting train lines on the opposition side quench a thirst in your eyes for sights you never knew you’d missed. It was however, still a relief to roll up to this vast red brick sanctuary and, after falling off my bike, sooth my posterior back to life. At the entrance a square squat hallway invited me in to pay and gain the background information, contrastingly modern against the Monkey Bridge out front, that lead the 2km to the great temple exhibition. -- A cacophony of grasshoppers played me down the lane to the first ruin. To walk on these stones is to step back in time. To walk in the foot-steps of past emperors and deities. How magical, to think of it all in former glory back in those early years.
lucy m

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My Son - Quang Nam Province

Mỹ Sơn comprises of a cluster of Hindu Temples built during the 4-16 AD by the Champa King. It is purely for religious use and unfortunately, many of the structures were demolished during the Vietnam. With aids from the Italians, a few were being reconstructed. Visiting the site, which consisted of an indoor museum, one marvels at the architectural brilliance of the people at that time.
Vicky Chong

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Hoi An Ancient Town - Quang Nam Province

Divine Hoi An A couple of days ago, when we were staying at the exceptionally lazy and beautiful HOSTEL, ‘Under the Coconut Tree’, out at Cua Dai beach, I went on a lil’ dive trip. Water logged itself in my ear canal during my first dive and in the words of Ed from Birmingham, I tried the “old hoppadeemus” to free it. It didn’t work, and 24 hours later, with the water still sloshing mildly in my head, I went to sleep in a very coldly air-conditioned room where it solidified. Two flights two days later left me walking a little wobbly as I nervously handed over my passport at Bangkok passport control! As for the Diving… The prestigious, I use that term loosely, Cham Island Diving centre took me to, well, Cham Island. As beautiful as the sparse reef and clientele were, the guides and safety standards left a lot to be desired. Before I got on the boat that morning, no one had checked my dive creds, only our word. Which is fine, if you say you can dive and you can’t, it’ll become pretty obvious when you arse up a buddy check or breath from the wrong regulator. I can dive, I am also qualified to drift dive as an advanced open water diver, *salutes PADI. The thing about a strong drift dive is that if you don’t understand the basic idea of staying close to the bottom where the current is weaker, you may well lose your dive group. Which is pretty dangerous, in case that wasn’t obvious. Han, from Bulgaria, ended up thirty meters from the island. As the numbers of ours, and other groups, dwindled, we rose to the surface early. While Han was located my buddy and I were left to cling on to a large barnacle covered buoy and await the dive boat’s arrival. I will concede that they stuck to their duties in getting us all safely out of the sea, but they could have easily avoided losing clients and their fins by, A, ensuring we were all qualified to drift dive. B, actually checking that we were all genuinely certified to the right standard with experience in drift dives, C, taking us to a site with better conditions.
lucy m

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tp. Hội An - Quang Nam Province

We hired a bike and drove through the busy streets of Danang and passed by the massive former US airbase that was, in 1968, the busiest airport in the world. We also took a walking tour of Hoi An and enjoyed the cuisine on offer at some of the town’s numerous cheap cafes. The next day we ventured further afield to Vietnam’s world famous ‘China Beach’ and the adjacent Marble Mountains. We also visited the Kingdom of Champa, the ancient ruins at My Son, in half a day.

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Sunflower Hotel Hoi An - Quang Nam Province

The most I paid for accommodation in Vietnam ($10/bed), the Sunflower Hotel is as lavish as it can get for the budget-minded. The dorms are decent-sized and the beds are comfortable, but it's the complimentary breakfast where you get your money's worth. Plant yourself next to the Pancake station and gorge away before back-flipping into the pool and pissing every sunbathing soul off. Recipe for disaster? Obviously. Boring? Hell no!
Mayank Shrivastava

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Hoa Binh Hotel - Quang Nam Province

Located just five minutes away from the Ancient Town but offering backpacker rates, Hoa Binh was one of our best decisions in all of Vietnam. The rooms are clean, the showers are lovely and the breakfast is to die for. If I were to nit-pick, I'd say the staff could be friendlier. In any case, you'll be better off booking tours with agents outside -- prices drop by at least a couple of dollars the moment you step out of the hotel.
Arundhati Sridhar

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An Bang Seaside Village Homestay - Quang Nam Province

Few budget accommodations exist in An Bang, but if you want to stay at the beach it’s worth the splurge. An Bang Seaside Village Homestay has beautiful little cabins starting at $50 for two people.
Camille Willemain

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