Pondicherry - Serenity at its Best !

16th Jan 2016
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Little France In India
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So contemporary yet Modern
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Rock Beach
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Aurobindo Ashram
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The "Palm Trees"
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Great Food
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Wooden Fire Pizza
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Chunnambar Boat House
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Life is a Journey and thats me sailing through it

Pondicherry Or "Pondi" as its Fondly known is located around 160 Km from Chennai . It is a blend of two cultures with a bohemian yet down to earth feel.The moment you step into the small city you will wonder whether you are in France or India. The city will quickly grip you in its serenity and simplicity and will leave you enchanted.

I reached in Pondicherry in the morning around 9 after my small ride from Chennai. The East Coast road is Beautiful and marks the welcome of a peaceful place ahead. Pondicherry is a quiet place but true to its essence it is a subset of how life should be. Calm,Peaceful, honest and Fun.

If you are looking for a world far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, Pondicherry is the place for you.From the Aurobindo ashram , which is the epitome of Peace to the sunset and the Beaches , Pondicherry will thrill and will not leave you for few coming years.

It is not just a place to relax , but for the food junkies Pondicherry provides the best cuisine around South India.The city is true to its soul with its Yellow colored walls and chic Boutiques and Contemporary Ice cream Parlor , Pondicherry promises you to Dazzle , thrill and leave you in a daze for months to come.

if this Excites you , go through the below points to make your decision little more firm :

1. Beaches

Oh My love for Beaches- and Pondicherry provides you the perfect retreat ! Sun, Sand and the calmness around , The perfect way to unwind yourself.

2. Spiritual Experience

Aurobindo Ashram lets you discover your spiritual side and take you by surprises. Its the soul Of the city and a must visit.

3. Chunnambar Boat House

Looking for water sports ? Chunnambar boat house is the right place for you . Surfing, Boating , kayaking, Motor Boat - name it and its there.

4. Cuisine

Food lovers are sure to love Pondi, with its super natural auro and ambience and a perfect blend of french cuisine Foodies are going to get weak on their knees.

I believe travel is about learning , experiencing and finding Your inner self and Pondicherry proves to be a perfect partner in crime .

Because its a never ending love affair with life when you travel :)

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