Andamans and Sucba

12th Mar 2014

As my MBA finished, I had made up my mind to Travel to Andamans, and travel alone. i did not want any if my friends with me because we tend to have different choices and preferences when on a holiday. I set out to Port Blair, and landed in the second half. Port Blair was all about cellular jail, Ross island and few other beaches. Nothing much to do in port blair. The place to be is Havelock which i traveled the next day. After diving on North bay Island, I went ahead to havelock and also experienced Scuba. After from Scuba there are couple of beaches to chill in havelock. Radhanagar Beach - known to be best in asia and 7th in world was a treat to watch.


1. Spend most of your time outside Port Blair. Nothing much to do in Port Blair apart from North Bay Island (Scuba) and Ross Island

2. Havelock is the place to be. One can take a ferry to havelock. Ferry is the only option. Spend 2 days at havelock. There are accomodation starting from Rs800 (Tent types). Scuba is much better at Havelock as the marine life and fishes are better. 

3. Scuba costs around 4500 (45 minutes). You can negotiate.

I stayed at Andamans for 3d/4n...would definately suggest to stay more and discover other islands - there are a total of 652 islands, out of which only 52 is occupied.

Hope it helps!!!