Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans 

4th Feb 2019
Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  1/7 by VaNi
Kalapathar Beach

I had never seen water so clear and skies so blue!

It was the best time to visit this beautiful island of Andamans and explore the beaches, after almost a year. We had booked an agency 'Andaman Diaries' to book this vacation since we were going right after our wedding and wanted to make this a hassle free trip for us. I had personally worked with the agency to design the itinerary and checked the hotels they had suggested. They were also very proactive in reaching out for any changes that were made and the proofs required for bookings before the trip.

Day 1 - We reached Port Blair from Delhi around 10 AM and were received at the airport. We went to our hotel, grabbed some lunch and took a quick nap before leaving for the Cellular Jail. Now, if you are someone who doesn't have time and isn't very interested in the history of the jail; this can be very well skipped. We walked around the place for a bit and immediately left for Corbyns Cove Beach. The complementary jet ski rides gave us a major adrenaline rush and was fabulous. With fingers entwined, we walked along the shores and enjoyed the sunset. The wind in my hair felt heavenly.

Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  2/7 by VaNi
Clueless me at Cellular Jail

Day 2 - We left for the Havelock Islands in the Green Ocean cruise around 9 AM. After a 2 hour ride, we reached and checked into our luxury hotel. We left for the Kalapathar Beach at 11 AM. The white sand on the beach and the teal waters made for a picturesque view. We made the most of it and clicked amazing shots. This beach is fairly secluded and is not recommended for swimming as there are rocks on the shores. Our driver recommended that we go to the Radhanagar Beach for the same. The place had a good crowd and also paid facilities for shower, changing rooms and locker. We immediately dived into the beautiful sea and never wanted to come out. When it was the time for sunset, we freshened up and put on some music and gazed into the never ending horizon. It felt like nothing else mattered in the world anymore.

We went back to the hotel, rested a bit and went for dinner to a restaurant 'Something Different' on Beach #2. It was recommended by our guide and turned out to be an awesome place with music and good food. They also have pick-up and drop-off services which was very helpful.

Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  3/7 by VaNi
Sunset at Radhanagar Beach

Day 3 - We had planned for scuba diving, but the agency declined us as we had cold and were on inhalers. We then grabbed a sumptuous breakfast and left for the Elephant Beach for deep sea snorkeling on a speed boat. I was left speechless post the activity. Words failed me to describe the experience of being with the variety of fishes in multiple colors . The life under water is too beautiful and having this adventure with my lover was sheer joy. The activity cost us 1000 INR each which included the photos and videos from go-pro. We returned to Havelock in the evening and grabbed food at Barefoot Bayside Brasserie (B3) which right near the docks.

Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  4/7 by VaNi
Deep sea snorkeling - Elephant Beach

Day 4 - We took an early morning Green Ocean back to Port Blair. We rested in the hotel, grabbed lunch at another recommended restaurant 'Ananda' and then left for the Chidiyatpu Beach. Most people would ignore this place, but we wanted to explore everything there is. The drive to Chidiyatapu was amazing, with roads covered in palm trees and scenic shores on the edge. The beach has super tall Mohwa trees with a view of the sea and the mountains. There is a spot where one gets good tea which was the best place to enjoy our last sunset in Andamans.

Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  5/7 by VaNi
Huge Sea Mohwa Trees - Chidiyatapu Beach

We came back by evening, rejoicing in the music on our car radio and soaking in the wonderful breeze. We had taken a hotel next to the airport for convenience the next day. We had a bit of dinner at the hotel and slept peacefully.

Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  6/7 by VaNi
Sunset at Corbyns Cove

Quick Things To Remember

1. Do carry your own water bottles (preferable reusable ones) and snacks everywhere you go. Water and food (fruit salad and coconut water) on the beaches are twice as expensive.

2. Everything in Havelock will be more expensive since the items are transported there from the boats. Carry cash at all times.

3. Do carry spare clothes and towels everywhere. You will be tempted to take a dip in the crystal clear ocean.

4. Andamans has amazing sea food cuisines. Prawns, squids, varieties of fishes will make your trip all the more worthwhile.

5. Keep an eye out for signs that encourage you to save the environment and contribute to saving the coral reef. It was heartening to see that the people were aware about sustainability and were doing their bit.

This was the most expensive vacation we ever had and we made the most of it. This beautiful island is definitely one of the most interesting places to spend a holiday.

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Photo of Our Romantic Vacay - Exploring the Andamans  7/7 by VaNi
Sunset - Chidiyatapu Beach