Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Location: Mumbai, India. (Latitude 18.967 N, Longitude 72.833 E, Altitude 11 m) About Me: I love to travel and enjoy taking pictures of all that I see and experience in life, well, most of it like astronomy, aviation, art, museums, architecture, scenery, people, etc. I love showing people, especially children and youngsters, through my telescope and spread awareness about my hobby of astronomy!!! Interests: Astronomy, Aviation, Aircraft & Ship Scale Modelling, Photography, Travelling, Art, Architecture, History, Archaeology and Listening to Western Classical Music. Occupation: Senior Superintendent Service Engineer (Aircraft) with Air India. Favourite Quote: Climb high; climb far; your goal the sky, your aim the stars!!! Guilty Pleasure: Chocolates or anything sweet!!! Travelling to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exotic locations and unheard of places. Also any of the astronomical bodies and scale model aircraft!!! Favourite Movies: Not a movie buff, I just watch something if it interests me while channel surfing on the cable TV!!! Favourite Music: Western Classical and Indian Classical music interest me most but I also listen to pop, rock, country and songs from old Hindi movies!!! Favourite Books: Anything to do with Astronomy, Art, Aviation, Scale Aircraft Modelling, History, Photography, Travel, Architecture, Sculpture and Temples. Fiction is something I stay away from and would not touch even with a barge pole. Favourite Television Programs: Discovery and National Geographic Channels and the news channels.
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