My name is Alejandra, I am 28 years old, and I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I am a traveler for passion, I have had the opportunity to travel in America, Europe and Asia and visited over 130 cities in more than 27 countries. I was so passionate about traveling, that I changed my career, as a industrial designer, to enter in the hospitality and tourism field. Last year I took the opportunity to lived in India, working in one of the most luxury chain of hotels in India, ITC Luxury Collection, in Bangalore city. I also have had the chance to travel alone as a backpacker for 3 months in Cambodia, Malaysia, India and Nepal. It was the most enriching experience in my life, because I discovered a different side of me, leave all prejudices , I left many material things , I lose myself in a very different culture from mine and I met amazing people and places. I can say that I lived in that year more, of what I had lived in my entire life.
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