A 21-year old boy from India, who has a huge passion for travel. Going on continuous journeys, and sharing them with the World. A blog about travel, personal experiences, photographs and memories spiced with an ounce of advice and a bit of criticism. Sharing information about cities, natural wonders, do’s and don't, how to travel and what to experience. What’s worth trying out and what you should be aware of, what’s a must and what’s forbidden. In short, “just a little where-to-go, what-to-see, what-to-chew-on” I love to travel , write and experience adventure in life ! From scuba diving to paragliding , from rafting to skiing , every adventure sport is in my to-do list ! Being a travel buff , exploring new places gives me immense joy and thrill in life. Every vacation I'm off to a new place , experiencing new colours of the world. Visiting all seven wonders of the world is my dream ! At 21 , I've already visited three of them ! Other five await me! I want to make memories all over the world :)
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