I am a girl gone international...because i call more than one place "HOME"-literally!! (Kenya, India, USA) Born in India, brought up entirely in Kenya, E.Africa, I came back to India to reconnect with my roots while pursuing higher studies. I am currently in the final year of my post graduation (PhD in Bioengineering) from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I am a fiercely independent Leo who loves to travel and explore ! I am passionate about going to new places and trying out different foods, experiencing different cultures and traditions,learning different languages (I am a multi-linguist-English, Gujarati, Hindi,Punjabi,Swahili and French), and (having grown up in a country like Kenya) am very close to nature and wildlife! I am always ready for adventure and love to live life on the edge! I speak what's in my mind and am rebellious to some extent! I have just two major addictions- Reading( i can devour two-three books at a go!!) and travelling...and i don't plan to give up on either ;) ;)
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