ABOUT US: Tucked away in the lap of lush nature and only 40 kilometers away from the richly woven history that good-old Chikmagalur offers, is a place that defines serenity and exudes comfort - Gowrav Homestay. This one-of-a-kind, exclusive homestay taps into the sentiments of the traveler in you. Its set in the exotic location of Chikmagalur in Balur, among thick green valleys, blossoming coffee plantations, silver oak wood forests, and beautifully magnificent mountain ranges. If you’re a photographer, the gorgeous views will make your heart race. If you are a poet, your heart will sing. A steaming mug of coffee and nestled in between greenery - you won’t need anything more to call your stay here the perfect comfort experience. The incomparable luxury that nature provides is best appreciated at this homestay, where you’ll untangle your knots, unwind in freshness, and rejuvenate like never before.This aesthetically designed, fully-furnished homestay will make your days away from city-lights worth every moment and memory created, and leave you feeling absolutely amazing! we provide both i.e adventure based trips or relaxing weekend trips Activities included in Tariff: Cycling Bonfire Coffee Tour Riffle Shooting Outdoor games Swimming Pool Drive to Ghati Falls Trek to Remote Water Falls Trek to Bandage Arabi Falls Trek to Rani Gudda (Jhari) Trek to Ballalarayanadurga *River rafting *Hill top camping *Temple trips ROPE ACTIVITIES: Zig-Zag Zip Line Pipe Walk Vine Walk Net Bouncer Burma Bridge Pre Zip Ladder Commander Walk (Can be used for team building activities) *not included in tariff but can be arranged on recommendation.
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