Chandigarh, India
I’m an hiker / trekker who loves to travel in the Himalayas. I love everything about it – the vast open spaces I live in, the peaks, the people and the opportunities it gives me as an adventurer and as a human being. I climb mountains, run rivers, herd sheep with my Gaddi (shepherds in the Himalayas) friends in the high meadows of Himachal. Basically, wander across the Himalayas for most of the year.I’ve climbed couple of peaks across Himachal, Ladakh, Gharwal. My dream is to climb alpine style on following peaks. Nun (7135m), Kun (7048), Shivling (6543m), Bhagirathi (6856m), Chukhamba II (7070m), Trishul I (7120m), Ronti (6063m), White Needle (6420m), Pinnacle (6955m), Momstang Kangri I (7526m). Whenever I get off time from my nostalgic corporate life, I love to pack my rucksack and hit the trails to some remote valley, going over high passes, camping by the still waters of some high altitude lake Discovering new peaks and trekking routes is something I really desire by heart.
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