Honolulu, HI
Bruce Fisher is a Hawaii vacation evangelist and founder of Hawaii Aloha Travel (Hawaii-Aloha.com). Living in the islands for twenty years, Bruce has developed a special affinity and enthusiasm for Hawaii, which he loves sharing with listeners, fans and clients. Grateful and lucky to be living Hawaii, Aloha Bruce offers a glimpse of the Hawaii lifestyle through various forms of interaction. Embracing blogging, podcasting, vodcasting and social networking for his everyday life, this Kuappa Pond (Hawaii Kai) resident helps plan and create vacations for people every day. Bruce believes that when folks visit Hawaii, they should connect in a real way with the locals, by branching out beyond the things you might find in travel books and magazines. His goal is to use the podcast to help establish this connection, which ultimately makes for a better vacation and richer experiences for everyone. With a background in journalism, radio and broadcasting, Bruce is a well-informed entertainer of anything and everything Hawaii related.
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