Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Debolin Sen ( is a High Altitude Himalayan Traveller. Having travelled to Mt. Kanchenjunga (’05) and Mt. Everest & Lhotse (’08), Sen launched his ambitious 14 Base Camp Project with the April 2012 journey to Mt. Annapurna. He spent 21 Days to complete the Annapurna Double (Circuit + Base Camp). In 2013, he breached the 6000 mtr mark in Ladakh on a summit expedition. In Aug 2014, he embarked on yet another summit expedition to Mentok Kangri. He dreams of breaching 7000 mtrs and above. His future targets include multiple base camp journeys and summit expeditions in Nepal. He wants to replicate his mountain experience on the raging Himalayan rivers too via river expeditions.
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