"Namaste" I love tours & adventures and it's fact that around even more then 90% I do alone as I love to wonder new places especially natural & historic as lots of blessed interesting things about them and I love to know maximum through maximum sources also I mean channels discovery, animal planet, national geography etc. I love to know geography, atmosphere, natural lives, climate, language, tradition, culture, festivals, foods, life styles, therapies regarding far different places in distance also. And as I am in India I been Mangalore- Karnataka, Bina- Madhya Pradesh, Puna & Mumbai- Maharashtra, Delhi, Nepal- Neighbor country also and so on.. And I keep continue wondering even I am doing job at 1 place during my free time I mean in evening or morning and/or holidays in surrounding possible far places as I know lots of lots of interesting things in the whole world and I prefer to do on my Royal Enfield Bullet Bike or Suzuki Alto car in short where I live I never prefer to leave even single little interesting place in around 50-70 Km. And I love to share interesting facts regarding places historic or natural or any other to my friends and relatives and few times love to take any of them to take an interesting joy full visit.
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